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Keszthely Bay gets enriched with luxury properties

Services and commercial life of the town are expected to be boomed by the constructional investment that is to be accomplished in the Libás area of Keszthely, which is going to extend the Eastern part of Keszthely with a new quality shoreline. The approximately 2.5 hectare large area situated between the Phoenix Marina and Hotel Via is going to be built in with five ship shaped, three-floor buildings containing 175 apartments altogether, 35 apartments per block, each apartment of 60 to 100 square metres with balcony. больше

Balaton development programme

An unprecedented and comprehensive, more than 300 billion HUF development programme was announced by the government for the prosperity of the Balaton region from EU and domestic financial resources. The programme targeting tourism development, economy and innovation, water quality and water safety, transportation, regional development and the labour market is of immense significance, whose long-term and advantageous effect in the region is indisputable. больше

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